Primer período de sesiones ordinario de la Junta Ejecutiva

26 febrero 2024 - 28 febrero 2024
10:00 / 18:00
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Agenda item 1 - Aprobación del programa

Agenda item 2 - Elección de la Mesa y nombramiento del Relator

Agenda item 6 - Asuntos operacionales

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Agenda item 7 - Asuntos de organización y procedimiento

Agenda item 11 - Verificación de las decisiones y recomendaciones adoptadas

Wednesday, 28 February
Sudan cross-regional update: strategic insights into WFP’s humanitarian operations
Tuesday, 27 February
Exhibit: A Green Wall Against Hunger: Partnerships for Resilience Building to Decrease Humanitarian Needs

Launch scheduled time: 08:45–09:30

Location: Red Foyer, WFP headquarters

Side event: WFP in SIDS: Perspectives from the Caribbean and the Pacific

Scheduled time: 13:30–14:30

Location: Auditorium, WFP headquarters

Wednesday, 28 February
Side event: School Meals: Advancing Quality Education and Human Capital Development in Africa - Celebrating the Africa Day of School Feeding

Scheduled time: 13:30–14:30

Location: Auditorium, WFP headquarters

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