WFP Executive Board's Field Visit to Ecuador

EB Field Visits

From 26 November to 2 December 2016, a team of Executive Board members visited Ecuador to:

  • observe WFP field operations;
  • observe WFP as a partner to the Government and in the United Nations country team;
  • obtain insight into the implementation of WFP policies and strategies in the field, particularly its cooperative approaches to providing food assistance with the Government;
  • study programming and programme delivery;
  • and discuss the impact of WFP programmes with government and non-government counterparts at all levels.

The team focused on the comprehensive approaches adopted, decentralized management of WFP operations in the field, and responses to emerging issues and changing situations.

This report outlines the team’s findings, highlighting opportunities related to the country strategic plan (CSP) presented earlier at this session and suggesting ways in which WFP’s work in Ecuador could provide lessons for other operations regionally and globally.

The team’s overall conclusions were the following: WFP is contributing to Ecuador’s life-saving and resilience capability in a number of ways and in certain geographic areas. The CSP should focus on a carefully planned exit strategy with hand-over to local/national ownership.


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