Ongoing Operations

WFP produces a wide range of documents, reports and information products about its ongoing activities worldwide:

Annual Country Reports (ACRs) 


Standard Project Reports (SPRs)

Until 2016, the Standard Project Reports (SPRs) were prepared on an annual basis by Country Offices for all operational projects and published on 31 March. From 2017 onwards, the report has a new standard, the Annual Country Report, or ACR, which has been developed for Country Strategy Plans. These performance reports inform donors on how the resources donated to WFP have been used to deliver results during the year under review.

For further information regarding ACRs and SPRs, please contact SPRsDonorQueries@wfp.ORG

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(for WFP staff only)
Country Briefs

Overview of WFP’s activities in each country. Includes monthly operational updates, country background and performance-information. Produced monthly.

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Country Operation Management Plans (COMPs) Links to the Country Portfolio Budgets and Country Operation Management Plans for the Integrated Road Map (IRM) countries. These documents are provided as supplementary information to the respective Country Strategic Plans (CSPs).

Note: to access the downloading page, please use the password distributed to the missions by the Executive Board Secretariat.
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Emergency Dashboards Visual overview of the most relevant operational information related to WFP’s response in the emergency, including  geographical , funding, and performance information. Produced monthly.

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Democratic Republic of Congo
North Eastern Nigeria
South Sudan
Syria and Syrian Refugees

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Cameroon North West and South West crisis
Central Africa Republic
Colombia - Venezuela Border Crisis

Management Plan Operational Requirements Overview of the management plan operational requirements by country and regions, by programme category, type of activity, strategic objectives, type of transfer and coverage of beneficiaries.

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Operations Database

Key documents of each of WFP’s current operations, including budget revisions, resourcing updates and Standard Project Reports (SPR)

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Partnerships report

Real-time information on WFP’s cooperating partners at country level, including projects, the name and type of cooperating partner and the duration of the partnership.

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Situation Reports

Detailed operational updates and performance information on WFP’s response. Produced weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the emergency phase.

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Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM)

Combination of traditional assessment methods with advanced and emerging technologies in order to identify food insecure populations around the world, and to establish the underlying causes of food insecurity.

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