Field Visits

The WFP Executive Board organizes at least two field visits each year, a WFP EB Field Visit and a Joint Field Visit. It also organizes visits to Brindisi to observe United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) activities (as an WFP EB Field Visit).


The participants of the WFP Executive Board Field Visits are the EB Members. The purpose of these visits is to:

  • Highlight the dynamics of WFP operations in the field;
  • Provide insight into the implementation of WFP policies/strategies in the field;
  • Study and review all facets of programming and programme delivery in each country visited;
  • Look at the programme approach adopted;          
  • Discuss the impact and results of WFP programmes with Government and non-government counterparts, at national, local and community level;
  • Analyse the flexible responses to emerging issues and changing situations.


During the Joint Field Visit the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN Women, and WFP work together to achieve the common purpose of:

  • Gaining insight in how the UN Agencies can work synergistically together at the country level;
  • Understanding to what extend and in what way the UN Agencies contribute to achieving the Development Goals;
  • Observing how the UN Agencies support National Governments in achieving these goals;
  • Reviewing the facets of partnership between the UN Agencies and bilateral donors.


During the visits to UNHRD in Brindisi, Executive Board Members have the opportunity to:

  • Visit the depot facilities;
  • Participate in emergency simulation exercises;
  • Get to know the UNHRD LAB, a research and development unit that reviews, tests and helps develop innovative products for humanitarian operations.