Joint Meeting of the Boards

Joint meetings with the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP are held to facilitate greater integration of governance oversight and to review issues and matters of common concern.


The agendas for the joint meetings are agreed upon by the secretariats of the funds and programmes, in consultation with the members of the Executive Boards through their respective Bureaux.


The meetings focus on overarching themes of relevance to all agencies, such as the transition from relief to development; HIV and AIDS; harmonization of budgets; staff safety and security; disaster risk reduction; ‘delivering as one’; the Sustainable Development Goals; innovation; food prices and nutrition security; gender mainstreaming; working in fragile contexts, including middle-income countries; least developed countries; and South-South cooperation.

Joint Meeting of the Boards

Joint Meeting of Executive Boards in New York

Fostering the cooperation between UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP 

Meeting Agenda and Documents