First Regular Session of the Executive Board

22 February 2021 - 24 February 2021
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Summary of the work of the Executive Board

Agenda item 1 - Adoption of the agenda

Provisional agenda
Annotated provisional agenda

Agenda item 2 - Election of the Bureau and appointment of the Rapporteur

Agenda item 7 - Operational matters

Agenda item 8 - Organizational and procedural matters

Agenda item 10 - Summary of the work of the 2020 second regular session of the Executive Board

Agenda item 11 - Other business

Agenda item 12 - Verification of adopted decisions and recommendations

Supplementary documents

Tuesday, 23 February
Celebrating humanitarian and development innovations at scale for zero hunger and across the United Nations
Wednesday, 24 February
Celebrating the 6th African Day of School Feeding: Launch of the State of School Feeding Worldwide 2020 Report
WFP’s approaches to building resilience capacities – Examples from the field
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