WFP Executive Board's Field Visit to Lao People's Democratic Republic

EB Field Visits

Meeting Agenda and Documents


The WFP Board members visit Lao People's Democratic Republic from 7 to 16 September.

The purpose of the visit is to allow Board members to:

  • provide exposure to WFP’s regional strategy and capacities based in the Regional Bureau in the context of “Fit for Purpose”;
  • observe WFP field operations within a development context;
  • observe WFP as a partner to the Government; 
  • observe WFP as a partner in the United Nations country team, including collaboration with the Rome-based agencies (IFAD and FAO);
  • provide insight into the implementation of WFP policies and strategies in the field;
  • study programming and programme delivery including M&E; and
  • discuss the impact of WFP programmes with government and non-government counterparts at all levels.

Visiting teams will in particular study

  • the approaches adopted,
  • the decentralized management of WFP operations in the field including the consolidation of sub-offices and embedding of WFP field staff within government district offices and
  • responses to emerging issues and changing situations.


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