WFP Executive Board Field Visit to Pakistan

EB Field Visits

From 6 to 14 September 2015 members of the WFP Executive Board visited Pakistan to gain a better understanding of WFP’s food assistance programming in one of its largest operations.

The  field  visit  provided  an  opportunity  to  showcase  WFP’s  partnership  with  the Government  of  Pakistan  and  other  stakeholders.

The  purpose  of  the  visit  was:

  • to  engage directly  with  programme  beneficiaries  and  participants,  cooperating  partners  and  the Government  to  learn  about  the  impact  of  and  future  priorities  for  WFP  programmes; 
  • to observe  WFP  field  operations; 
  • to  examine  WFP  as  a partner  of  the  Government  and  the United Nations country team;
  • and to gain insight into the implementation of WFP’s policies and strategies.


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