UNHRD - Brindisi

UNHRD is an international network of six humanitarian support hubs located strategically around the world that provide supply chain solutions to the international humanitarian community. Managed by WFP, they currently enable 86 partners to respond rapidly and precisely to global emergencies. The depots are located in Italy (Brindisi), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Ghana (Accra), Panama (Panama City), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Spain (Las Palmas).


UNHRD offers both standard services free of charge (storage, customs clearance, etc.) and specific services that are offered on a cost recovery basis (procurement, transport, etc.). In addition to warehouses, UNHRD depots are equipped with training facilities, each able to host classroom training courses and simulation exercises.


Executive Board Members have the opportunity to visit the UNHRD facility in Brindisi to participate in emergency simulation exercises and get to know the UNHRD LAB, i.e. a research and development unit that reviews, tests and helps develop innovative products for humanitarian operations.


To learn more, visit the UNHRD website.


زيارة إلى مرافق برينديزي

UNHRD - Brindisi