This page explores about 10,000 Executive Board documents dating back to 1996.

Special Session of the Executive Board

The Note for the Record of the Special Session of the Executive Board held on 28 March 2017 is available here.

Special: Documents in Chinese and Russian

Some Executive Board documents have been translated into Chinese and Russian.
They are now accessible in a special section.


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Year: 2017
Second Regular Session - 13-16 November 2017
Agenda item 1 - Adoption of the Agenda
Provisional agenda


Annotated provisional agenda


Agenda item 4 - Policy Issues
Update on the Integrated Road Map


Emergency preparedness policy


Agenda item 5 - Resource, Financial and Budgetary Matters
WFP Management Plan (2018-2020)


Report the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ)

WFP/EB.2/2017/4-A/2, WFP/EB.2/2017/5-(A,B,C)/2, WFP/EB.2/2017/10-A/2

Report of the FAO Finance Committee

WFP/EB.2/2017/4-A/3, WFP/EB.2/2017/5-(A,B,C)/3, WFP/EB.2/2017/10-A/3

Agenda item 6 - Evaluation Reports
Agenda item 7 - Operational Matters
Agenda item 8 - Organizational and Procedural Matters
Agenda item 9 - Summary of the work of the Executive Board
Agenda item 10 - Other Business
Information Notes
Information for participants


Provisional Timetable


List of Participants