This page explores about 10,000 Executive Board documents dating back to 1996.

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Some Executive Board documents have been translated into Chinese and Russian.
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Year: 2014
First Regular Session - 10 - 11 February
Agenda item 1 - Adoption of the Agenda
Provisional Agenda


Provisional Annotated Agenda


Agenda item 4 - Resource, Financial and Budgetary Matters
Agenda item 5 - Evaluation Reports
Agenda item 6 - Projects for Executive Board Approval
Agenda item 7 - Reports of the Executive Director on Operational Matters
Agenda item 8 - Organizational and Procedural Matters
Agenda item 9 - Administrative and Managerial Matters
Agenda item 10 - Summary of the work of the Executive Board
Agenda item 11 - Other Business
Information Notes
Information for Participants


Provisional Timetable