The Executive Board holds three formal sessions per year: the First Regular Session (EB.1) in February, the Annual Session (EB.A) in June and the Second Regular Session (EB.2) in October or November. In exceptional circumstances, the Board may also hold special sessions.

In addition, the Board Secretariat organizes informal consultations and briefings for the membership. 

Any Member State of the United Nations or Member Nation of FAO that is not a member of the Board, may, on request, participate in the deliberations of the Board, without the right to vote. Upon invitation, representatives from certain organizations are also allowed to attend sessions as Observers.

2016 Sessions of the Board                             Dates

  • EB.1/2016                                                    8 - 10   February
  • EB.A/2016                                                   13 - 17  June
  • EB.2/2016                                                    14 - 18   November

2017 Sessions of the Board                             Dates

  • EB.1/2017                                                    20 - 24   February
  • EB.A/2017                                                    12 - 16  June
  • EB.2/2017                                                    13 - 17   November