Welcome to the WFP Executive Board Webpage

This webpage was designed to facilitate and provide easy access to the work of the WFP Board, Bureau and related bodies. It offers information on their structures, roles, work and activities along with documents for Board sessions, informal consultations and briefings. 

Special Session of the Executive Board

The Note for the Record of the Special Session of the Executive Board held on 28 March 2017 is available here.


13 July

  • First informal consultation on the Management Plan (2018-2020)

17-19 July

  • 143rd Session of the WFP Audit Committee

18 July

  • Informal consultation on the update on the Integrated Road Map and on proposed interim governance arrangements for 2018

  • First informal consultation on Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy

19 July

  • Executive Board Bureau meeting

  • 143rd Session of the WFP Audit Committee Executive Session with the Executive Board Bureau

Member State Representatives can help WFP tread lightly on the earth:
- avoiding paper and choosing electronic solutions including
the EB Docs app for Ipads and Androids;
- printing double-sided pages when hard copies are really needed;
- refilling water bottles at water dispensers;
- avoiding disposable cutlery, crockery and napkins;
- separating and recycling plastics, bottles, cans and paper
- sharing these green tips with colleagues.

Want to learn more? See the UN Green Meeting Guide.