To support WFP, a Governance Project was initiated in 1999 and ran unti 2005. The group consisted of representatives of the Lists and its main objectives were to strengthen the governance of WFP and make the Board more strategic and efficient.

The group identified three areas as major functions of the Board:

  •  information-sharing;
  •  consensus-building;
  •  decision-making.

Furthermore it identified responsibilities for four major interlinked frameworks:

  • strategy framework - contained in WFP's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan;
  • policy framework - contained in the updated version of the Consolidated Framework of WFP Policies and review of policies as part of the Programme of Work;
  • oversight framework - contained in the Biennial Management Plan and oversight and operational documents as well as in evaluation papers;
  • accountability framework - contained in the Annual Performance Report, other annual reports and financial documents.

These governance tools were the result of the Governance Project and constituted the core of the action plan for the future.

Below are links to documents related to the Governance Project:

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