Executive Board Bureau

The Bureau elected by the Board at each year's First Regular Session is composed of one member and one alternate from each List. It is not a decision-making body. 

The primary function of the Bureau is to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the Board.

This includes sharing of information and dialogue between List members and the Secretariat. The Bureau helps to prepare consensus among Lists and between Lists outside of formal sessions. It prepares and updates the Biennial Programme of Work, follows up on actions from Board meetings, and is the contact point for members and observers and for the Board Secretariat.

A note for the record is produced after each Bureau meeting as an important tool to share information and keep Board members updated on the work of the Bureau.

At its First Regular Session of 2017, the Board elected its members of the Bureau as follows:

  President: H.E. Anil Wadhwa
  (India, List B)

  Vice President: Mr. Zoltán Kálmán
  (Hungary, List E)

  Member: Mr. Haruna-Rashid Kromah
  (Liberia, List A)

  Member: Ms. Angélica Jácome
  (Panama, List C)

  Member: H.E. Dr. Hans Hoogeveen
  (Netherlands, List D)

  The Alternates are:

  List A - Mr. Khaled El Taweel (Egypt)
  List B - Mr. Yousef Jhail (Kuwait)
  List C - Ms. María Fernanda Silva (Argentina)
  List D - Ms. Miriam G. Lutz (USA)
  List E - Mr. Evgeniy Vakulenko (Russian Federation)