Country Strategic Plans for review

                                                                                                               Page last updated on 4 December 2017

In accordance with the Policy on Country Strategic Plans approved by the Executive Board at its second regular session in 2016, draft country strategic plans (CSPs) and interim country strategic plans (ICSPs) should be circulated to Board members electronically for comments at least 12 weeks before the approval session. All comments, if any, should be received electronically within 20 days of circulation.

Comments will be published on a restricted site, accessible to all Board members through a password distributed by the Board Secretariat. They will be discussed with concerned governments and incorporated, as appropriate, into the final CSPs/ICSPs. 
The draft CSPs/ICSPs listed on this page will be submitted to the 2018 first regular session and will be presented to the Executive Board for review, from Monday, 4 December 2017 to Tuesday, 2 January 2018. Delegations are encouraged to share their comments by Tuesday, 2 January 2018 or earlier, preferably as an email attachment, to the Secretary to the Executive Board, at, with the CSP/ICSP country name in the subject heading (e.g. "Australia Comments on Cameroon CSP"). 

Please recall that additional background information on the CSPs/ICSPs is available under Country Operation Management Plans page at the following link:


Draft Country Strategic Plans


​Draft Interim Country Strategic Plans