How to change the default EB session

1) Go to the Board Documents page and on the EBVIEWED panel click in OPTIONS and select PREFERENCES as below.

2) Select year and session and save.


Manage Documents

By accessing the "Manage documents" application, EB Documents managers will be able to accomplish the below key tasks necessary for an appropriate management of Executive Board website.

Publication of Documents in the website

  • Synchronise Docustore to make Executive Board documents visible in the website

Administration of Executive Board sessions

  • Add or Edit Executive Board Sessions

Publication of Decisions and Recommendations / Summaries

  • Add or Edit Decisions and Recommendations / Summaries to Executive Board documents



  • To add a disclaimer, click on the tab DISCLAIMER, select the year, session, item number and item title. Enter the disclaimer in the 3 languages and Save.

Please note that, in case the "Manage documents" button at the bottom of this page is not displayed, you need to clear the cache from the Privacy section of your Internet browser to get it back.

 For detailed instructions on how to manage Executive Board documents, please refer to "Executive Board website: How to Manage Documents" guidelines.